Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flamingo Party Cake

I remember going to SeaWorld when I was about 18 while visiting family in California after high school. The park was subpar, especially compared to the sensory-overload experience we just had at Disneyland. Now manymanymany (don't even ask me how long it's been) years later I remember two things.

1. The orca peed when he performed tricks during the whale show.

2. The flamingos were majestic, beautiful, bright gorgeous birds... until we got closer and then, oh god. Covered in bugs and stinky. So, so stinky.

Never meet your heroes, kids. And stick to parks with teenagers stuck in character suits instead of animals stuck in tanks.

Thankfully that was forever ago, and I can now appreciate flamingos as bright party monsters instead of stinky swamp monsters. So to the top of the cake they go!

This millennial pink watercolour cake is actually baked in a 6x4 inch oval pan, creating a neat egg shape and compact size perfect for your next fĂȘte. Three layers of vegan chocolate cake are sandwiched with a smooth, silky swiss meringue buttercream. To make the whole cake vegan, I suggest a meringue frosting with aquafaba, or a vegan buttercream. Both awesome options! If you need a recipe, hit me up.


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