Monday, February 6, 2017

Sourdough Cinnamon Twist (and shout)

Sourdough is like having a pet.

You have to feed it, care for it, nurture it. Watch over it, and occasionally nurse it back to health. Which is all cute and sweet until you think of all the little yeast monsters battling it out inside the foamy mass, like a leavening-style Game of Thrones. All's fair in love and yeast, man.

This week's sourdough adventure is a big ol' wreath Cinnamon Twist. Realistically, this twist is best eaten same day, or the next morning with a little bit of a reheat. Cut fresh it's gooey and warm and the smell is irresistible. I'm almost certain fresh cinnamon baking would wake people from comas -- doctors, have you tried this yet? Like those smelling salts they put under boxer's noses after a knockout on TV.

Anyway, it's delish. Find the recipe over at My Daily Sourdough, but leave out the chocolate for pure cinnamon bliss.


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