Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Unicorn Marshmallows

Am I too late on this unicorn food trend?

I've been a bit out of the loop.

Please forgive me. I brought treats.

I promise these are even pretty easy to make, all things considered. You just need a Lisa Frank fever dream, some sprinkles, food dye, so much sugar, and the ability and motivation to move fast when it's time to assemble and swirl.

Next stop: turning these bad boys into s'mores!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Oh hey, it's pottery!

Alright, we're switching things up.

A couple of years ago (or whenever, too lazy to check) I mentioned some changes around here. Unfortunately I was still too far down an injury hole to climb out and turn this space into something that I wanted to maintain and just sort of let it sit on the backburner while I was miserable and in pain all the time. These days I'm about six months out of surgery and starting to feel more like my normal self after several years of not, and I actually feel like updating and connecting with you all again. 

So um... can I talk about my ceramics obsession? I took lessons when I was wee, but recently picked things up again in the last few years since it was reasonably easy to do with my injury. (Not after surgery, but I'm getting there again!).

I'm still super subpar on the wheel (and handbuilding...) but I started this blog when I was learning to bake, and now I want to share my ceramics journey alongside the food. I'll eventually be blogging about other home-related things to as I piece my life back together.

Onwards and upwards.

I actually made these mugs about a year ago, and they're still some of my favourites. The moody slip on the medium and big one remind me of the mountains, forests and oceans over here on the west coast and all three work for coffee or soup or tea or whatever you're sipping on.

So how did I make them? Um, painstakingly and probably all wrong, but here they are fresh off the wheel. These mugs remain one of the few projects I did without really needing to trim a whole lot. When I've figured out how I did that I will be sure to let you know.

I let them dry to leatherhard and then painted them with swirly slip while they spun (SO SLOWLY) on the wheel. The studio I take lessons at fires to cone 10 reduction which, while so lovely, can be a bitch to get bright colours out of, so I figured soft sweeping layers would be my best bet.

The two large ones were glazed with Bamboo and the little guy got a quick coat of oatmeal. Want more pictures of the final product? You can see them over on my Instagram or on Pinterest!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rosette Swirl Quick Company Cake

This is your back pocket cake.

Your cake to have memorized for when you get a call and someone from out of town or wherever is going to be popping by.

Instead of turning off the lights or making up a contagious disease, just pop this quick dairy free and egg free cake in the oven so a) your house will smell delightful and b) you will so easily impress and wow everyone with your baking prowess and domestic goddessness.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sourdough Cinnamon Twist (and shout)

Sourdough is like having a pet.

You have to feed it, care for it, nurture it. Watch over it, and occasionally nurse it back to health. Which is all cute and sweet until you think of all the little yeast monsters battling it out inside the foamy mass, like a leavening-style Game of Thrones. All's fair in love and yeast, man.

This week's sourdough adventure is a big ol' wreath Cinnamon Twist. Realistically, this twist is best eaten same day, or the next morning with a little bit of a reheat. Cut fresh it's gooey and warm and the smell is irresistible. I'm almost certain fresh cinnamon baking would wake people from comas -- doctors, have you tried this yet? Like those smelling salts they put under boxer's noses after a knockout on TV.

Anyway, it's delish. Find the recipe over at My Daily Sourdough, but leave out the chocolate for pure cinnamon bliss.


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