Saturday, November 7, 2015

On Where We're Going and Where We've Been

Oh, hey! Bet you think I've forgotten about you.

I haven't. I've been thinking a lot about this space lately. About why I started it, and where I am now. About what it's done, and what I need. Things just weren't working out the way they used to.

So I've decided to make some changes.

When I started this blog I was still a student, bleary eyed and tired, single parenting a small child while in university and working full time. I was a little bit lonely, a little bit bored, and had discovered something new I wanted to share.

Years later, I was writing cookbooks, creating recipes, snapping photoshoots, working with some amazing people on incredible projects, and all of a sudden I had to stop and think -- how the fuck did I get here? I've always been ambitious. But sometimes that can catapult you in a direction you didn't intend. So I stood back and gave it some thought.

And what did I find? That after 5 years, a few different relationships, a new career, and some budding hobbies, things just weren't the same. Coupled on top of that, a hip injury from a car accident made everything hurt and had me realize where I wanted to spend my time.

So what will be here now? I'm not quite sure! Recipes, pottery, household projects (maybe some drop ins from friends) and a much more rounded approach to everything. 

Let's see where we can take this. 


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