Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Star Cookie Sandwiches

Are you feeling all holly jolly?

We're totally in the spirit around here, despite the fact that we don't have our tree up yet. We've had a few health setbacks (hello, colds and oral surgery!) and plus our tree is incredibly fake and the storage unit is a pain to get to. But that will change tonight, when we unwrap that sucker and get it all set up.

Of course, trees are great and all, but the one thing that really makes a home feel ready for the holidays is baking.

There's nothing like our little apartment smelling like spices and sugar, and a counter full of special baking to grab and nibble on.

These cookies are inspired by Oreos and shortbread, combining the two into a little holiday cheer. Creamy butter icing sandwiched between bright red shortbread stars -- perfect for Santa or a cookie exchange.

What will you be leaving for Santa this year?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ginger Cranberry Oat Cookies

Have the thermostat wars started in your home?

I swear, the only thing that gets more heated around here are debates about toilet paper consumption.

I like the warm. Jay likes things cold. Freezing cold. Like, all windows open while it's snowing out cold.

Sometimes I think the greatest gift I could give my boyfriend would be to set him adrift on an arctic ice floe, with a sack of quarter pounders, and wave as he gently floats away into the frigid sea.

Thankfully, I can distract him with a big plate of cookies while I crank up the heat -- and then everyone's happy. 


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