Saturday, February 22, 2014

O Canada Cake

Much like my Olympic spirit, this cake just didn't want to happen. 

I ran out of eggs, I couldn't find my recipe, I accidentally used dirty soapy dishes (but dry, so does it count if the soap is dry? Ugh. Don't tell me). I dropped pans, forgot ingredients, and generally functioned so below normal I was surprised I ended up with anything aside from a disastrously messy kitchen. Eventually I just sort of gave up and accepted my incompetence and figured at very least, whatever comes out of the oven can be washed down with my tears.

But alls well that ends in cake. And, despite all the trouble, this one is delicious and light and not too sweet, but still decadent enough to satisfy all cravings.

If you need a 4am treat to watch Canada (hopefully, maybe, and I dunno andwhowantstojixthings) bring home gold, this ombre red cake with seven minute frosting will do the trick and have you cheering for Team Canada all the way to the finish line. (Or some other metaphor that works for hockey).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Easy (And Low Fatish) Hot Fudge Sauce

It's rainy and cold out. Winter isn't leaving any time soon, but all I can think about is summer.

And ice cream.

And a big, melty waffle cone and sticky fingers from chocolate sauce dripping down the sides.

This easy hot fudge sauce has been hanging out in my fridge a lot lately. Maybe it's because I ate all the berry popsicles, so only the crappy orange ones are left. Maybe it's because it's rich, velvety, and delicious and works on desserts, and breakfast crepes.

But most probably because it's chocolate, and why the hell am I looking for reasons to justify its existence?

You don't need a reason either, but maybe if enough of us eat bright, cheery sundaes, summer will hurry up and get here faster.

So let's do that.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Meringue Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!

I always feel like Valentine's Day is my warm up for the cuteness overload of Easter. Hearts, love, romance, all piled up in an overdose of red and pink that blends seamlessly into the twee pastels of Official Candy Holiday in April.

I love both because they give me ample opportunity to spread the love with some sugary treats. (And fruits and stuff, too, but whatever).

Meringue hearts are an easy, low fat (if you're into that sort of thing) dessert to give your sweetheart or pass around the office. They're light, airy, and with the perfect subtle sweetness. I made these ones candy cane flavoured, but you can use whatever extract you'd like.


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