Friday, July 12, 2013

Banana Cream Pie(ish) Trifle

This is seven layers of banana cream pie inspired goodness.

Banana Cream Pie(ish) Trifle

We've got pudding, we've got bananas, we've got cake and graham crackers and a whole lotta yeeessss. I let the boy have a taste of this dessert before dinner, and when it was time to bring it out he cuddled up next to the man on the couch and whispered in his best, most serious, most hushed tone (this kid is LOUD) "I have something to tell you about tonight's dessert... it's AMAZING."

He must have been right, because three glasses were eaten by bed.

It's always awesome when people like what you make, and it's even more awesome when you manage to sneak some fruit in there. Okay, I don't actually care about the fruit part. I'm just here for the ego boost.

Banana Cream Pie(ish) Trifle

Now, down to the details. Like I said, this is seven layers of banana cream pie inspired goodness. There's no whipped cream because, in all honesty, I don't like it. But you can add a dollop or ten on top if that's what you're into. I dished this into fairly giant (and cheap) wine glasses, and it made three of them. I then proceeded to break two of those glasses today while cleaning then. BUT if you're using smaller cups/dishes or even a giant trifle bowl, your dessert mileage may vary.

It all comes together to form a delicious banana cream pie trifle, full of different flavours and texture to keep you interested the whole way through.

Banana Cream Pie(ish) Trifle
Leanne Bakes

3 cups banana pudding (I cheated and used the boxed kind)
1 vanilla cake, cooled and cubed (try this recipe)
1 cup graham crackers, smushed just a lil bit
2 bananas, sliced
And, of course, totally optional whipped cream

This dessert is all about presentation, aka dumping the ingredients into the wine glasses (or whatever containers you want to use as your food vehicle).

Start with a small dollop of pudding on the bottom. Add a layer (I like this one thick) of the cubed cake. Add another layer of pudding on top of that, then a layer of sliced bananas. Pile on some graham crackers, another layer of pudding, and some more sliced bananas. Top with whipped cream, if desired.

Voila! And easy, breezy, deconstructed banana cream pie trifle.


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