Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Wonderland Meringue Christmas Trees (and the giveaway winner!)

There's no snow in sight for Vancouver, so I made my own little winter wonderland with meringue trees.

Meringue Christmas Trees

I don't really know if meringues count as a cookie or a confection, but whatever they are, I need a constant supply of them in my life. Consider that a New Years Resolution: I want to be at least 50% meringue by next Christmas.

Easy to make, bake, and even easier to eat, these little crunchy pillows of sweetness are perfect for the holidays. A hint of peppermint adds a little extra holiday charm.

Meringue Christmas Trees

They turned out so cute, this LEGO family stopped by to snatch one up for Christmas! ...Okay, my son left his toys out and I got bored.

Meringue Christmas Trees

But enough about meringues - let's find out who won the Suzie's Sourdough Circus giveaway!

The first winner is Kesha Gooding!  The second winner is, well, you didn't leave a name but your email leads me to believe it might be Anne :). I've emailed both the winners, but if they don't reply within 5 days, I'll pick a new one (or two).

Thanks for entering everyone! I can't wait to start the next giveaway.

Read on for the meringue tree recipe...

Meringue Winter Wonderland Recipe
adapted from Bakers Royale

4 eggs whites
1 cup sugar
1/8 tsp tartar
1/8 teaspoon of mint extract
a couple of drops of green food coloring
2 packs of Rolos
1/4 cup icing sugar


Line a baking sheet with a Silpat mat or parchment, and heat the oven to 200F.

Heat the egg whites, sugar, and tartar in the top of a double boiler, whisking until the sugar has dissolved.

Pour into a (very very) clean bowl of a stand mixer, and add the mint. Beat on medium for a few minutes, and then add the food colouring. It’s okay if it’s quite dark green at this point – it will lighten up considerably.

Beat on medium high (I had my Kitchen Aid at about 6 or 7) until stiff peaks form.

Using a large star tip, pipe the meringue into tree shapes, about an inch or two wide, directly onto the parchment.

Bake for 2 hours, and allow them to cool inside along with the oven.

When you’re ready to serve, gently sprinkle icing sugar onto the serving platter. Place Rolos down as tree stumps, and plop the meringue trees on top. Gently sprinkle more icing sugar over top.


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