Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jungle Animal Birthday Cake

Well, I managed to make it through exams in one piece.  While I unwind, pray for good marks, upload a million photos of various desserts (including one that sucks like you would not even believe), and basically sort out my life, here's a bit of childhood whimsy:

A first birthday cake for an adorable little man named Spencer.  Happy birthday, Spencer!  The cake is vanilla with bright blue buttercream frosting.  The toys on top, provided by his mom, just kill me.  My son has moved on to "big boy" things, like trucks and weed whackers (don't ask).  These are so adorable, non?  They remind me of pudgy, dimpled baby hands and endless snuggles when your child was too small to squirm away.  Too cute.


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