Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flowers and Wedding Cupcakes

This week was pretty busy.  My son is out of (pre)school, and I was doing crazy prep for a wedding.  100 cupcakes, with gumpaste roses, calla lilies, and orchids.  Note to future self: do not leave flower making to the last minute.  But last minute madness aside, they turned out pretty, non?
The couple didn't want chocolate or lemon, which are pretty standard wedding cupcake flavours.  This was great, because it meant I got to get creative and try a lot of new flavours.  Which meant baking a lot of different cupcakes.  And therefore eating a lot of different cupcakes.  Like, several a day.  My life is hard; what can I say?

After some deliberation and a few tummy aches, the final round up was: Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel, Peaches and Cream, Marble, and Raspberry Coconut.   They were all topped with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream (the best icing of all time), popped into adorable sage cupcake wrappers, and topped with the variety of gumpaste flowers.

I hope everyone enjoyed them!  Congratulations Meghan and Brenda! 
 And much thanks to my new baking partner in crime, Maddi!


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