Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vanilla Passion Fruit Cake

The last week has been... intense.  My brain is completely fried from tests and papers, and there's still so much left.  Reeeallllyyy looking forward to the next few weeks being over so I can have a mini summer vacation with the little one.
Fortunately (for things other than my cellulite collection) one of my favourite ways to destress is baking.  And I got the opportunity to last Thursday for my Mom's birthday.  Although she said she didn't need a cake, I needed to make a cake.  So it was done.

We have differing tastes in desserts, but can agree on one thing: passion fruit.  We've both spent time in Australia, and how can you survive Australia without developing a undying love for passion fruit?  It's everywhere and it's delicious!  Even if the insides remind me of frog eggs.
Passion fruit is not the easiest to find, but they were luckily at Kin's Farm Market in a mall across the street from my home.  I picked up 6, and made a wonderful vanilla cake, with a layer of passion fruit and lemon curd as the filling, and a passion fruit glaze.  



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