Saturday, October 23, 2010

Woodchipper Vanilla Cherry Birthday Cake

For several months leading up to the boy's birthday he was absolutely adamant about the type of cake he wanted.  It had to be vanilla with cherry icing.  And he wanted a woodchipper on top.  He would not change his mind, no matter how hard I tried to convince him it should really be chocolate.

Clearly, I was not up to the challenge of making a woodchipper out of gumpaste.  I knew he would want to play with it, so it seemed the best option was to buy a small toy he could keep.

The cake itself is a basic vanilla recipe from Martha Stewart, the icing is swiss meringue, flavoured with a natural extract, and cherries were also mixed in to it for the filling.  The trees were made with a similar method to this tutorial (but much smaller).
I give desserts the same longing gaze.

It's much simpler than the cake I made him last year...

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  1. Oh my sweet impress me! I can't imagine making such wonderful cakes. You are my inspiration. Hopefully by the time I have children, I will be half as talented as you! What a fun birthday celebration. Thank you for sharing...and I'm all over facebook!

  2. you are incredible...what beautiful cakes, I can't even draw a straight line, you just amaze me! Thanks for sharing this special cake with us!

  3. Wow, that is stunning ! I would never dream of making birthday cake this complicated. Kudos to you !



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