Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vancouver Baker's Market October 2nd

October 2nd was the opening of the Fall 2010 Vancouver Baker's Market, and how sweet it is was there!  My friends Maddi and Tara joined me-- it our first time being a vendor, and it was honestly the most fun we've had in a while.  The craziness of the week and nights before aside, we loved it so much we've signed up for an extra day!  

We'll be there October 30th, November 13th, and December 4th.  THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by this past weekend! We'd love to see you again next time and meet new people as well!

And now, the pictures.
Tara, Maddi, and me

 Maddi showing off her long arms
Decorated cupcakes
 The market.  (My little one is in the picture!)
 Maddi and me and our glorious booth
Some of our set up: sugar cookies, cupcakes, pie pops, and black and whites (my favourite)
 Pumpkin and ghost cookies
 Froggy cookies
 Sushi cakes! 

 Just your friendly neighbourhood bakers!

We'll have a lot of the same items (sugar cookies, traditional cookies, black and white cookies, pie pops, cupcakes, etc) plus some new exciting ones at the next market so don't forget to visit us October 30th!  I'll also be telling you some good deals we'll be having coming up, so keep reading!


  1. wish there was another one after december 9th..! and you're right, maddi's wingspan is pretty impressive.

  2. I thought I recognized you! (I really didn't want to be super creepy and come up to your table and say HEY I READ YOUR BLOG DO YOU KNOW OF ME?). Those little sushis looked amazing. I hope you did well that day - by time we came around your table looked pretty empty save some sugar cookies. We've been thinking of picking up a table, but I'm not so sure we have time :(

  3. bakers cool is that? how fun...wish we had something like that here...your stuff is adorable.

  4. How precious! I loved seeing the pictures of your booth...and I loved all of the creations you made (especially the sushi cakes). I wish I could come and visit the Market... I would have so much fun there! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can assure everyone that everything tasted as good as it looked! I was shocked to see your booth as the only one with standard chocolate chip cookies - way to corner the market on that one! I noticed pretty much EVERYONE had a cupcake to sell, so I thought your other items really made you stand apart from the rest! Looking forward to more baking in a few weeks!

  6. it sounds like you had a great time at the market! You had some wonderful baked goods too! I wish we had something like that around here, I would love to be able to browse through all those wonderful treats!

  7. C&C: I know exactly what you mean about approaching people you know from online! But now I'm curious who you were??!! Say hi next time; I promise I won't think you're a crazy!

    Thanks, Christy! This is the second year they're doing it. Such an awesome event.

    Thanks, Monet! It's a really great experience. I hope someone starts one where you are.

    Angela-- It was SO nice seeing you. I hope we keep the cookie market cornered!

    Thanks, Dennis! It was so much fun-- maybe you should start one??



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