Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies

The crappy kitchen chronicles continue today with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies.
These let me down.  A lot.  And worse yet, I'm not even really sure why they sucked so much.  In theory, they sounded so good.  Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are fantastic!  Waffles are almost equally as fantastic!

Everything was extremely promising right up until I put one into my mouth.  They smelled good, they looked good, they tasted horrific.  Like dry, crusty waffles.  I think this problem comes from being cooked in a waffle maker.  One of the best parts of fresh, oven baked cookies is how soft, moist, and chewy they are.  Being baked in a waffle iron destroys the yummy soft centre.  They were so unappealing, I stopped eating them after one bite.  That means something, dammit.

I'm not even going to share the recipe, to spare you the horror.


  1. Bless you sweet girl. The curse will pass. I promise. At least you can still take good pictures!

  2. Did your waffle iron survive the ordeal?

  3. Thanks, Monet! I appreciate your support!

    And yes, thankfully the waffle iron survived unscathed, Angela!



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