Monday, August 16, 2010

Vanilla Cupcakes with the Best Chocolate Frosting Ever. For serious.

It's official -- I've taken a leap and signed up as a vendor for the Vancouver Baker's Market.  I will be there October 2nd, November 13th, and December 4th!  I hope to see all your lovely faces for some cupcakes, cookies, and whatever else I come up with. I'm starting to brainstorm what goodies to bring, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

In other less exciting news, last week was a semester-end class potluck for one course of mine.  The course was long and grueling, and I think it showed in how everyone brought fatty, salty comfort foods on the last day.  These yummy (can anyone say that anymore and not puke thinking about Rachel Ray and her obnoxious Yum-o?) cupcakes were my contribution.  Actually, both the icing and the cupcakes for these were made by my mom, so I guess I can't take credit for much other than the decoration and presentation.  So it goes.

This icing is hands down the best chocolate frosting ever.  EVER.  It's made with chocolate ganache, yet somehow manages to be not too rich, but still decadent enough to be indulging.  The cupcake is sweet and moist, and provides a perfect complement to the chocolate icing.  The combination is perfect, and one of the best I've had in the chocolate/vanilla department.  Normally the frosting overbears the cake, or the cake is too... vanilla (ie boring as shit).  But these two are the perfect pair.

The recipe for the vanilla cake can be found here.  RLB, naturally.

Chocolate Frosting:

For ganache:
12 oz. milk or dark chocolate  (we used semi-sweet)
1/2 cup heavy cream
4 tbsp butter
1 tsp vanilla

For frosting:
1/2 cup butter
3-4 cups icing sugar

1. In the top of a double boiler, melt the chocolate almost completely, stirring often. 
2. Remove from the heat and stir until fully melted.  Gradually add the heavy cream and stir to incorporate into the chocolate until smooth. Allow to cool to touch, about 30 min.
3. When cooled, gently stir in softened butter 1 tbsp at a time.  Stir in vanilla.  

Allow to cool for a few hours.  Then...

4.  Whip butter in bowl of a stand mixer
5.  Add chocolate ganache.  If it's too thick, slowly reheat in the microwave until it's smooth.  Slowly mix the two on low speed.
6.  Gradually add icing sugar until desired consistency is reached.
7. Die of happiness.


  1. What is the difference between "icing sugar" and "powdered sugar?"
    I have such a problem making icing and have been told that this is my problem.

  2. It's actually the same thing, but here we only call it icing sugar. What happens when you make icing?

  3. Delicious...heavy cream and dark can you go wrong? Thanks for sharing...your cupcakes take the cake!

  4. Your cupcakes look delicious! I'm currently on a cupcake kick after getting a book with lots of recipes, and these look great.

  5. That icing looks divine! That's probably my favorite cake combo - vanilla with chocolate icing.

    Your cupcakes look perfect: when using that cake recipe, do you adjust your times/temperature when using a cupcake pan?

  6. Those look to pretty to eat! Great photos.

  7. I can't find the recipe for the cupcakes. :(

  8. This looks awesome! I tried chocolate buttercream once and it was just too buttery.

  9. I too have made many a RLB cake, and was wondering if you have The Cake Bible. My mom has it, and I always remember her bringing it out to find all sorts of baking info, but also the most amazing looking cakes. I had never heard of the Baker's Market, but I'm definitely going to go this year.

  10. CHOCOLATE GANACHE IS MY FAVOURITE EVERRRR. I will definitly be trying these out at some point.

  11. These look delicious. I made cupcakes for the first time ever recently. I am not normally much of a baker. But I definitely want to keep at it! Great job!

  12. With such a perfect title we all had to check out your post!! Nicely done!

  13. Thanks, Monet! And I agree, you can't go wrong with cream and dark chocolate :)

    Thanks, Adriana! Love cupcakes.

    Kacey: I leave the temperature the same, but check them about 10 minutes early. I find it varies from recipe to recipe!

    Thanks, Eileen! :)

    Anon: It's hyperlinked in the words "found here" but just in case it's not working for you:

    entertainingbyevie: ... too buttery? is there such a thing?! keep trying new recipes! it's too good to give up on.

  14. Angela, I sadly do not have The Cake Bible, but only Heavenly Cakes. She's a goddess! Very informative, if not a bit eccentric.

    shitjennylikes:ME, TOO! it makes everything better. hope you like them!

    Keep at it, Emily! Once you catch on, it's quite simple.

    Thanks, Kim! I am a communication student after all ;)

  15. This chocolate frosting does sound like the best chocolate frosting ever. I can't wait to try it! Thanks so much

  16. Great recipe. Thanks for posting and your photos are good enough to eat!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. This is amazing! I did with dark chocolate cupcakes! AMAZING! Thanks for the recipe!

  19. Kids will definitely love this. It has been a long time since I made them something like this. Thanks a lot for this nice chocolate frosting.

  20. What a very nice recipe this is. I am so impressed. I think I am going to try this one.

  21. Did you adjust the recipe according to the instructions on the RLB site for cupcakes? Fewer eggs?

  22. Ah! I just found your blog when I was searching for Acura and Honda cupcakes, found your cute Honda ones and now this? This Heavenly looking chocolate frosting? Love it. Thanks for the recipe and the fab Honda idea.

  23. How many cups is 12oz chocolate equivalent to? As we don't use oz in australia

  24. I just made my frosting. Although it looks no where as dark as yours? Did you do step 4 and onwards? Or stop at step 3 and put it onto cupcakes like that?

  25. And can you do this with white chocolate?



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