Monday, May 10, 2010

Vancouver Canucks Cookies

I made these cookies pre-game Sunday, silently praying the Canucks could pull it together for just one more game so I'd have the chance to make these.  And you know, so they can win the Stanley Cup and all that.

Sure, I don't really watch their games.  And no, I don't know most of their names.  I couldn't pick them out a police line-up.  But people I care about do, and could.  And I want them to be happy.

And I know cookies can work miracles and make great things happen.  So, dear Canucks, this is my contribution.  Please don't f-ck up, because these took me a long-ass time to make.

But if cake is more your style, here's one I made last year...


  1. oooh great looking goodies! ;P go canucks go!

  2. Saw these on Foodgawker, and as a Canucks fan I couldn't pass up clicking. They're great! They're sure to cause a comeback.

    Next year, hey, how about doing the old-school skate logo? The orange and yellow one? I love that one.

  3. I'm totally in love. How'd you make the Canucks cake?!

    Hopefully we win Game 6 tonight!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I hope they work!!

    camille: next year I will be doing the skate logo for sure! thanks for the suggestion :)

    meta: the cake was a bit tricky. I cut the shape out of a circle, covered it with fondant, painted it silver, then laid the design on top in pieces. (i used a print-out of the logo to help cut out the design-- i'm not that artistic!)

  5. oooh, wow, awesome! Love the Cake! wish I could make something as cool as that :D

  6. I love the way you made these cookies. Amazing! I shall try and do them myslef with my daughters as they too are obssessed with the Canucks. Daddy's girls...Go nuckers go!



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