Friday, July 18, 2014

Mojito Cookies

If I had to choose between sitting around and drinking or sitting around and eating cookies, the cookies would win pretty much every time.

Especially Mojito Cookies. Because when you make the cookies taste like a delicious classic summer cocktail, and who can say no?

Packed with mint, lime, and topped with a hint of rum, these mojito cookies are a frontrunner for my favourite batch of the year. 

Even better? They're rolled in sugar, giving a helping hand to creating the perfect blend of chewy and crispy. On the second day the flavours are even more pronounced, and power to you if they last that long. (I had to fight off my family so I could take pictures. They're like cookie vampires).

If you don't drink alcohol, just replace the rum with some good old vanilla bean (not the extract, since it also contains alcohol), and be on your way to a hot, lazy afternoon in the sun.

I liked to eat these with a glass of cold milk, but they'd be equally tasty paired with the cocktail they're named after.

What's your favourite summer beverage?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Homemade S'mores Marshmallows

My boyfriend is an unapologetic, certified marshmallow hater.

I know -- sometimes it's hard to love him. But I persevere, and somehow he endures all the weird crap I throw out there, too. Like when I get nervous that automatic doors won't open. Or my never-ending hatred of mayonnaise.

So when I yelled at him from the kitchen (over my Drop Dead Diva and his Madden) that I was making a batch of soft, homemade marshmallows I didn't get much of a reaction.

When I coated them in chocolate and graham crackers, well, suddenly the unappealing sugar pillows of five minutes ago were something he couldn't shove in his mouth fast enough.

Turns out S'mores Marshmallows can exorcise the marshmallow hater inside us all.

You could make these with store bought marshmallows, but it really won't be the same. I recommend either following the recipe below or ordering from a marshmallow guru like my friend Kimberley over at Kimberley's Kitchen. Seriously, she makes marshmallow magic.

For extra fun, toast each marshmallow. I used one of those long barbecue lighters, but any form of fire will do.

Want to see some behind the scenes treats? Follow me on instagram!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Strawberry Basil Scones

 I want to pretend that these strawberries came from my garden.

But my new (and very adorable) strawberry plant is currently struggling against an onslaught of ants, a couple aphids, and my never-ending neglect.

Sad, but no less true.

So while I come up with watering schedules (leaving it to my much more reliable child), and natural pest solutions, store strawberries suffice.

These bright red beauties are from a real farm nearby, with people who actually know what they're doing. But the basil? Well, I grew that myself, and it makes a perfectly tasty companion in these delicious low-fat scones.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Breakfast Raspberry Rolls

I know I've said it before, but breakfast is totally my jam.

I would join breakfast committees. I would hold meetings in support of the day's fairest meal. I would lobby for the advancement of breakfast.

Okay, maybe except instead of advancement, it would really be just wanting pancakes and sausages and stuff. So it would be more of a "in support of traditional breakfast" type thing, but also in support of every other breakfast, and maybe mandating that breakfast always happens. I don't know. The details can be worked out later.

(On that note, anyone fellow bloggers want to form a breakfast club?)

One detail that doesn't need to be worked out is that dessert for breakfast is awesome. Especially when it just tastes like a warm cinnamon bun, but is packed full of fruit and other deliciousness instead. Enter these Breakfast Raspberry Rolls, which fit the bill perfectly.

Baked in a skillet, drizzled with a warm vanilla glaze, and a light yet filling centre full of berries and a hint of lemon.

If you didn't love breakfast before, you will now.

Friday, May 30, 2014

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Low Fat Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Glaze

I love testing out low fat recipes on my boyfriend.

I leave a plate of goodies casually out in the kitchen, waiting for him to come home from work. He sees them, takes a bite, and I wait, with a kind of sick experimental glee, to see whatever reaction is emerging. Sometimes he detects something is missing, sometimes he's totally fooled. I am amused either way.

These cookies are an example of him accepting the low fat content with no complaints. They're fudgey yet light, totally dunkable for milk, and the glaze adds just the right extra hint of chocolate. And not to mention the whole "less than 1 gram of fat per cookie" thing...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

I've been feeling restless lately. 

A combination of repetition, stress, and some personal things that don't have a space in these pages. 

So what's the answer? Getting my ass into the kitchen and creating something. 

Often I find myself wishing I could draw, or even just doodle to pass the time and get out thoughts in a way that seems less like work. (When you're a professional writer, sometimes you need another outlet).

But I'm useless when it comes to art, so I stick with the type you can eat instead of draw.

These cookies are one of my favourite recent creations, baked and decorated to look like little mini donuts.

How cheerful, non? I love a little touch of whimsy.


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